Will & Raquel’s wedding head

Makena Landing, Maui, Hawaii

Raquel hits the road after her wedding Raquel getting ready for her big day The bride is nearly ready The bride leaving for the venue Raquel leaves her room as a single woman for the last time Zachary looks at his wedding gift Raquel and her bridesmaids A bridesmaid soaks up the sunshine The wedding party Zachary makes his speech The wedding guests Will & Raquel having fun on the beach The happy couple The couple and the wedding flowers A wedding dress is not designed for the beach! Will & Raquel, the happy couple Raquel hitches a ride with her new husband Raquel cooling off Will & Raquel share a romantic walk Will & Raquel Raquel as the sun sets Will & Raquel share a romantic walk Will & Raquel enjoy their first dance Shadows share a kiss The happy couple walk off into married life